Can Chiropractic Care in Planet Help My Headaches?

Can Chiropractic Care in Planet Help My Headaches?

Chiropractor in Mill Creek Talks about Headaches

The throbbing pain of a headache is something 9 out 10 Americans suffer through on a frequent basis. When the first pulses of pain start around the edges of your skull, it may seem there is little you can do about the oncoming torment. Most people just try to ignore it and carry on as normally as they can. Some are forced to lie down or resort to pills and over-the-counter medicines in an attempt to reduce the pain.

But there is a better way. Learn how to avoid headaches in Mill Creek here!

What You Can Do To Avoid Headaches in Mill Creek

Know Your Triggers

There are many things that can trigger an impromptu headache, including food, bright lights or noises, stress, nutrition, lack of sleep, extensive strain, etc. About 5% of all headaches are warning signals of larger, medical problems. The rest are usually the result of environmental triggers, stress, or tension that is unable to find release.

Namely: Muscle tension.

The neck and spinal cord is a delicate system designed for structure and mobility. Unfortunately, most Americans are less mobile than ever before, and often, work, studies, and free time mean hours spent sitting down, staring into a phone or computer. This unnatural posture can cause irritation and muscle tension in the neck and upper back, eventually leading to those unfriendly headaches.

Move Around

Most of us need to spend a lot of time in one fixed position, whether at work, school, or pleasurable activities such as reading, crafting, and writing. Take a break and stretch every 30-60 minutes, moving your head and neck to maintain a comfortable range of motion.

Exercise is also hugely important and beneficial. Even something as simple as a 20-30 minute walk during a lunch break, low-impact strength training, or stretching and yoga can help retain strength and mobility in the spine, thus reducing tension and eliminating the primary cause of headaches.

Drink Water

Dehydration is also a common cause of headaches, and let’s be honest – most of us aren’t getting the water we need. Try to drink 1-2 full glasses with every meal, and sip on water throughout the day to make sure you’re getting enough for your body to be healthy.

Minimize Stress

Sometimes, stress can’t be eliminated entirely, but avoiding your major triggers can make a huge difference. Take a 20 minute stroll outside, get enough sleep, soak in a bath, or take time to unplug from social media and the buzz of the internet world.

How Chiropractic and Acupuncture Can Help Your Headaches

Ultimately, there is only so much you will be able to do if your neck or spinal cord is out of place, which quickly leads to a pounding skull.

Tension, injuries, unnatural placement, and inflammation can all cause a short-circuit in the healing process. Resolving these issues through proper spine and neck placement will set your body on the path toward health and healing so that you can recover the joy of full mobility and pain-free days.

Chiropractic care and acupuncture at Planet Chiropractic in Mill Creek repositions the spine, generate healing, and remobilize bodily systems so that not only does your body eliminate the cause of headaches, but it learns how to heal itself, from the bottom of your sole, to the very top of your skull.


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