Struggling With Headaches In Mill Creek

try chiropractic care for headache and migraine relief

Are you in need of headache and migraine chiropractic services in Mill Creek? Are you unsure of what treatment is best for you? Let’s talk!

Headaches are commonplace. Most of us have experienced one or two throughout our lives. There are various types of headaches. Actually, there are about 300! Though most of the time there is no one answer as to why they happen. In fact, about three of every four adults experience a tension headache. Similarly, some people experience migraines. Generally, migraines happen less often but are more severe than a headache. If you suffer from either more than usual, you may need headache and migraine chiropractic services.

Headache and Migraine Chiropractic Services In Mill Creek

To give you more background, we will explain a little bit more. To begin with, most people have some degree of spinal sprain in the neck area. This can result in the pulling and irritation of your delicate spinal cord. However, our doctors can assess your headache and migraine symptoms with ease and rather quickly. Next, we utilize careful x-ray analysis or computerized electromyography. This gives us the ability to determine your condition without the use of drugs or surgery. We like to approach our treatment without the use of either of these as much and best we can.

Furthermore, doctors from Duke University found that spinal manipulation results in almost immediate improvement in certain patients. These are patients that suffer from headaches originating in the neck. As a result, it is found that there are significantly fewer side effects and longer-lasting relief than commonly prescribed medication. If that is not exciting news, we do not know what is!

Overall, our office is set on helping our patients in whatever capacity we can. We offer modern-day headache and migraine chiropractic services. Let us work together to reduce and eliminate your headaches and migraines. Contact us today!


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