chiropractic-pain-reliefCar Accident Injuries

If you have suffered from a car accident, chiropractic care will help you heal.

Car Accident Injuries have to be attended promptly to eliminate pain, in order to avoid long term consequences in your body.

Auto Accident Chiropractic

unnamed-21.jpgPlanet Chiropractic Team

Since 2001, our Planet Chiropractic Clinic has had a team of healthcare professionals including chiropractic, massage therapy and spine rehabilitation specialists.

Our mission is to help eliminate pain and improve the quality life of our patients without drugs or surgery.

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spinal-healthEssential For a Healthy lifestyle

A healthy spine is an often overlooked and essential part of a healthy lifestyle.

Chiropractic and spinal care is a safe, effective alternative to surgery and drug treatments for many common conditions including headaches, neck pain, sciatica and more.

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Learn more about our Health And Wellness Programs.

We believe that wellness is a practice: not something you are, it’s something you do. Let us help you succeed for a higher level of physical and mental well being.

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mill-creek-chiropractic-careMill Creek Chiropractic Care

Learn more about our introductory interview and what to expect during your first visit to Planet Chiropractic.

We look to understand our Mill Creek patients and help you feel better again through a variety of chiropractic care options.

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What Our Patients Say

I went to see Dr. McCormick after I had a car accident. I suffered from migraines, neck pain, and low back pain. I was so impressed by how caring Dr. McCormick and his staff was. They made a treatment plan that worked with my schedule and got me back on to being myself! After just […]

We love it here! We see Dr. Dan on a family plan (which has also been cost effective, and broke down into something more manageable for our budget) my husband, my son and I really find this place to be as good as it gets. The front desk staff goes above and beyond, offering a […]

Excellent! This is the first chiropractor I had ever been to in my life. I had the mindset that most chiropractors were quacks that caused more harm than they helped. After being in two rear-ended car accidents (one where I was sitting at a stoplight while someone not paying attention smashed in to the back […]

As a result of a rear end car accident over ten years ago I have dealt with severe headaches 24/7 .After many doctor’s and medication’s there has been no lasting relief or help that I could find to deal with the pain which at times would put me on my back in a dark quiet […]

– Brad Israel

I found Dr. Justin McCormick’s clinic when I googled chronic migraines, his video came up. I watched the video and felt like he hit every point right on the head so I immediately called to set up a consultation. He listened to my history and did a full exam. He explained every part of the […]

– Frieda Fairman

I had a wonderful experience at Planet Chiropractic. It was effective and I will recommend this office to friends. Thank you Planet Chiropractic for making my back feel better!

– Stephany West

Dr. Justin is the best. He has brought me back from 2 rear end collisions, torn tendons in my feet, a reverse curve in my neck and made me feel great. It took commitment but we did it. Thank you to everyone at Planet Chiropractic. You guys rock. Did I mention he fixed my carpel […]

– graham wend

I have been having difficulty from day to day with pain in my neck and lower back after a car accident but since starting my treatment I have been able to regain mobility and decrease the throbbing pain. It is a huge relief to experience the type of results that I have had in just […]

– Frank Beam

I went to Dr. McCormick skeptical that my migraines would be alleviated. Nothing had worked in the several years I’d been trying to get rid of them, and no one knew the source. Other doctors wanted to mask my symptoms with drugs, but I wanted to not have headaches anymore. I liked McCormick’s drug-free approach […]

– Jean W.

Ive been going to Dr. McCormick for the past several years. My initial injury was adjusted and I felt great after about 6 months of treatments. Recently I was rear ended and I started feeling pain again. I went back in and he is great still. I do not like the physical therapy portion, however, […]

– Steve M.

I found Justin McCormick after suffering from migraines most of my life. I had a severe headache and realized it was enough and needed more help then the pills I had prescribed to take to prevent them. I found him by searching on Internet and he seemed to have a philosophy that aimed at helping […]

– Wendy H.

I’ve been going here for about a year and a half. I had general backaches and shoulder stiffness from a car accident I’d been through 6 months earlier. My physical therapist at the time had discouraged me from going to a chiropractor during treatment because she didn’t want any confusion about what was helping me […]

– Geoffrey K

Just finsh my 2wks (3 days a wk) and able to use my left arm without pain. For 14 wks my left arm hurt (pain 9-10) and couldn’t move or use it much. Decided to see a Chiropractor. Best thing I ever did. I know I still have aways to go but at least I […]

– Deana W.

The best I’ve ever felt in my entire life is here. Dr.McCormick has the best deals and even a massage therapist but you have to ask for that one otherwise you get a massage chair when she’s not available or their. You still have to pay though. He’s very reliable and even slowed my mild […]

– Timothy H.

I have had neck and back pain for several years now including daily headaches that I have never been able to subside, however, I went in for a free first adjustment and assessment and now it has been 6 weeks of adjustments and physical therapy exercises and I feel a million times better! I no […]

– Austin H.

I have been seeing Dr. McCormick for 8 years now, and could not be happier with him. When I started I had three compressed discs in my back and disc herniation’s. It was a long process (getting well often is!) Dr. McCormick placed me on a regiment of spinal decompression followed with chiropractic treatments. I […]

– Thomas K.

Awesome!!! Dr. McCormick helped me with a neck injury after falling off a dock. Decompression therapy is worth EVERY penny.

– Cathy R.

Dr. McCormick is a pretty straightforward guy that seems very eager to help listen and make recommendations on the best chiropractic treatment course of action. I have not had any severe back troubles but have continued to feel tight and stressed. I searched out a local chiropractor and stopped by Planet Chiropractic and could not […]

– Brad J.

Yelp annoyingly keeps filtering this review, so I’ll try one last time, because I believe this office is worth this review… No more headaches or neck pain!  I went to see this chiropractor about a month ago, after my primary doctor from Virginia Mason referred me to him. The medications were helping some, but then […]

– John S.

I love Dr. McCormick and Dr. Siler! They are super nice and put the extra effort in to help me and my husband with our back pain. I 100% recommend Planet Chiropractic!

– Erika S.