Massage Therapy For Neck Pain in Mill Creek

Massage Therapy For Neck Pain in Mill Creek

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Neck pain is a common complaint amongst patients seeking massage therapy treatment. Neck pain is a general term that can be caused by a wide array of daily life functions, overuse injuries, traumatic injury or genetic factors. Overuse injuries may result muscle strains and are generally caused by activities performed by a patient such as; postural related symptoms due to hunching over your computer, texting on a cell phone, playing video games, and watching television. Generally, pain and inflammation are thought of as a negative side effect of trauma.

However, with the onset of trauma caused by outside factors, your muscles will act as mini splints that protect the surrounding tissues. Your body sends signals to your brain that there is a risk of damage and your brain responds by triggering a response to protect the area affected. This results in the pain and decreased ability to perform functions because of the body's attempt to fight off whatever is causing harm. With modern technology and an increase in cell phone usage, there is a greater risk of developing “text neck”, a modern term developed from overuse of cell phones and increased time watching television, computer usage, etc. “Text neck” is also known as anterior head syndrome and is a result from bending the head too far forward while engaging in these activities.

Massage Therapy For Neck Pain in Mill Creek, WA:-

Symptoms of “text neck” may include, but are not limited too; stiff neck, pain, muscular weakness, and headaches. When we put our heads in a forward position we place an immense amount of pressure on our necks. For example, when we move our head forward to a fifteen-degree angle we place an additional twenty-seven pounds of pressure on the neck. When we move our heads forward 30 degrees we place forty pounds of pressure on the neck, and finally when we move our head forward forty-five degrees we place 49 pounds of pressure on the neck. Of course “text neck” is not the only cause of neck pain, but it is growing syndrome that greatly affects younger generations that may not otherwise have neck related issues without high cell phone and video game usage.

Other causes of neck pain can include injuries resulting from traumatic accidents, stiffness from activities such as improper sleep position, nerve compression, worn-out joints, diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or muscle strains.

Massage therapy can be a useful tool in combating muscle pain resulting from the above conditions. Massage is known to increase circulation, decrease muscle pain, improve range of motion, induce relaxation, and else endorphins signaling your body to relax. Modalities (types of) massage that are effective in combating symptoms related to neck pain are; Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and myofascial release. Many of these modalities go hand in hand with each other and can be combined for a greater pain reducing effect. A recommended dose of massage would be a 60-minute appointment with a licensed practitioner. Massage should provide relief from pain-related symptoms, but is not always the be all end all. Clients should consult their primary care physician, chiropractor, etc. in order to formulate a long term game plan for care. Clients also need to assess their daily habits related to posture, exercise, diet, etc in order to assist in getting neck pain under control.


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