4 Benefits Of Lower Back Chiropractics Tips from a Mill Creek Chiropractor

4 Benefits Of Lower Back Chiropractics In Mill Creek

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There are several things you can do if you suffer from lower back pain. Drugs, over-the-counter medications, pain-relieving gels, or sprays. Even spinal epidurals or surgery, which can be very dangerous. Our Mill Creek Chiropractic clinic differentiates itself because we correct the underlying cause of the problem, where the before mentioned options are focused on covering the pain, vs. fixing it.

Here are three GREAT benefits offered at Planet Chiropractic of Mill Creek:

1. After a thorough evaluation and assessment of your condition, we find the source of the problem. In other words, what is causing your lower back pain? Through a series of specific, low impact adjustments, we are able to remove pressure off the inflamed nerve. The relief can happen after only even a few treatments! We offer massage therapy, to compliment your adjustment. By loosening up the taught and tight muscles that commonly go along with a pinched lower back nerve, relief comes at a much quicker pace. And better yet, most insurance covers medical massage!

2. In most low back pain cases I have seen, there is weakness associated with the injured area. We have a trained rehab specialist in our clinic, who will take you by the hand and show you precise home stretches and exercises, to help strengthen your back. This not only helps you get out of the immediate pain, but also helps to keep the pain from returning!

3. For more advanced low back pain patients, we offer an amazing, breakthrough technology call spinal decompression and laser therapy. This new treatment gently removes pressure from the injured low back nerves, if your problem is coming from a slipped, herniated, or bulging disc.

If you have more questions about how any of our treatments can help with your lower back issues, please call our office directly for a consultation with one of our doctors. (425) 379-9749

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