Disc Therapy And Disc Decompression in Mill Creek

Disc Therapy And Disc Decompression In Mill Creek

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What happens when you have a disc herniation in Mill Creek and it gets to the point where you cannot even walk, sit, sleep or work without intense sharp pain? Or when pain, numbness, and tingling starts going down your gluts legs, and feet? This is what happens to millions of Americans each year and it seems like in America we have two main options….. pain medication or surgery. There must be a better way!

New solutions to disc herniation and chronic low back pain include Spinal Decompression Disc Therapy combined with Chiropractic therapy. Studies have shown that when a disc is compressed and irritates a nerve ending, one of the most effective ways to alleviate pressure off the disc is through advanced decompression disc therapy.

Spinal Decompression Disc Therapy involves light forces applied at specific disc angles utilizing vacuum distraction to decompress discs in the cervical and lumbar spine. The treatment is typically completely pain-free! Most of the time patients fall asleep during the treatment because they are in such a relaxed state of mind when the pressure comes off of the disc and the pinched nerve. Combined with Chiropractic therapy, Spinal Decompression is extraordinarily successful at helping patients with neck and lower back pain. Once you are able to take the pressure off of a disc and mobilize restricted joints through chiropractic, patients are able to move, sit, walk and work without pain.

For more advanced cases of slipped, herniated, or bulging discs, some patients will also undergo acupuncture, massage therapy, or physical rehabilitation.

Five most common causes of disc compression

1. repetitive injuries
2. prolong sitting
3. direct trauma to the region
4. arthritis
5. Poor nutrition

Five foods that increase inflammation around an inflamed joint and disc

1. Dairy
2. White Bread
3. Sugar
4. Alcohol
5. Processed food

Other home activities that will help patients relieve pressure off of the disc involved, walking on a daily basis for 30-45 minutes, avoiding sitting for long periods of time (greater than 30-40 minutes uninterrupted), avoiding repetitive activities that involve bending, twisting and lifting at the same time. Common everyday activities like cleaning the house, yard work, and gardening, if done with bad form and poor ergonomics can cause severe stress and strain on the cervical and lumbar discs. In addition, carrying extra weight on your body can really strain your spinal discs.

Losing weight is a very successful action towards relieving pressure off your lower back and your lower back discs. Studies have shown that carrying 40-50 extra pounds around the waist region will make you more susceptible to lower back injuries and pain. 

The next time that you are experiencing neck, low back pain, or radiating pain into your arms or legs that is lasting more than two weeks, ask yourself what are the underlying causes for your symptoms? Also, what are some new solutions and natural solutions that can help alleviate the pain without drugs and surgery.


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