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If you suffer from neck and back pain, it may be time to see a doctor. Planet Chiropractic in Mill Creek offers neck and back pain chiropractic services.

Neck and back pain is incredibly common. Whether you slept wrong the night before or pulled a muscle during a game, it happens. 85% of U.S. adults suffer from neck and lower back pain at some point in their lives. To illustrate, back pain is the second most common reason to visit a doctor. Along with that, it is the fifth most common reason for admission to a hospital. But, if that isn’t enough already, it is the third most common indication for surgery.

Similarly, neck pain often gets the best of us. It is among the top reasons contributing to chronic pain. Statistically speaking, around 30% of adults will experience some level of chronic neck pain. And, 70% will experience neck pain that disrupts their daily life during their entire lifetime.

Common Causes Of Back And Neck Pain In Mill Creek

Often the cause of back or neck pain is a muscle injury. So, when this happens it can cause muscle fibers to stretch too much and tear. There are various ways that you may pull a muscle. For example, it can be as simple as sleeping in the wrong position or doing too much heavy lifting. With all this in mind, a neck injury can also occur from a spine injury. This can be due to a disc bulging or overall wear and tear on your discs.

Overall, if you are experiencing pain that lasts longer than normal or is more intense than usual, see a doctor. Here at Planet Chiropractic, our doctors are trained to detect what the root of the problem is. Likewise, we are able to determine if it is a spinal problem like an irritated nerve.

Contact us today! Get started with our doctors on our neck and back pain chiropractic services. We will work together to diagnose and alleviate the causes of your pain.


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